5 Facebook Scam - Marika Fruscio Edition

Lately on Facebook, there is a widespread video about Marika Fruscio Nip Slip during an sport program in one of Italian national television.

Who is maria Fruscio?

Marika Fruscio, a famous model who is working with ESPN these days, appeared naked in a latest 2011 calendar. The 2011 calendar also has other prominent models exposing in front of the camera. The sales report of the 2011 naked models calendar is very encouraging for its producers.

Name: Marika Fruscio
Profession: Centerfold, Sportswoman, Actress
Country of Origin: Italy 

Province / State: Milano
Heigth: 158 cm – 5 feet and 2 inches
Measurements: 34G-22-33

Recently, a website uploaded a video clip of Marika Fruscio in which she is seen tactically revealing her nipples during a sports interview. In the video, when Marika tries to fix her mike in the shirt, her nipples get revealed.

It has been said that the nude photo in the 2011 calendar and the nipple slip during a live TV show are tools to achieve publicity.

That program was taken in February 2010, and somehow become a facebook booms right now.

So why that video links is considered a scam?
Because that video contains some embedded code or script which will direct you to specific site to watch this youtube-host video. Mean while you will publish this site in your Facebook Wall, you even give a Like without your permission.
Video title: The beautiful Marika Fruscio shows her breasts on Italian TV!

This method originally called Click-Jacking - Like-Jacking , means:
A malicious technique of tricking Web users into revealing confidential information or taking control of their computer while clicking on seemingly innocuous web pages. A vulnerability across a variety of browsers and platforms, a clickjacking takes the form of embedded code or script that can execute without the user's knowledge, such as clicking on a button that appears to perform another function.
The term "clickjacking" was coined by Jeremiah Grossman and Robert Hansen in 2008. The exploit is also known as UI redressing.

How to Deal :

If you did make the mistake of clicking on the scam message you will need to check your news feed and make sure you aren't spamming the message to your friends. If you are, you need to remove the item from your wall by clicking the small "x" in the top right hand corner of the post. There is an option to "remove and unlike."

 How To Prevent This Thing In The Future?
There still no exact way to prevent this scam, but you may try use the Firefox browser with the NoScript add-on. If you are using Opera or Chrome browsers, you might try NotScripts.

In Google’s Chrome browser, you can right click on a link in Facebook and open it in “Incognito” mode. That way, you won’t be logged into Facebook when you arrive at the new page.
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0 Flashing Breast Boob Lights

I have seen many weird things around, but this one really catch my eye. Please welcome :
Boobs-Flashing Headlights
 Actually this is the combination of Boobs and Headlights, just like this one :
But somehow, this boobs plus headlight things seems to complex to wear, therefore The Boobs Flashing Headlight created. To fulfill your demand without the complexity.

A simple, yet very effective boobs accessory which will put a smile on every man's face!
This ultimate boobs gadget offers you :
    * Plastic nipple covers
    * Flashing LED light
    * Red and yellow light effects
    * Fits any chest size
 How to wear? It's easy, slip the plastic boob cups underneath your bra and turn the LED lights in a clockwise direction, perfect for surprising anyone looking in your general direction. Each flashing light is attached to a comfortable rounded cup, which you put on your boob under light coloured clothing. Suitable for men and women. The lights can be turned on and off by twisting the light.
Normal Effect
And the best thing is, no piercing needed. So you can have a blazing boobs without any silicone, medical examination, surgery or any painful method.
Expert User
How much it cost? Only  £2.50 and all guys  will be faced with a fabulous flashing pair of boobs. And if this doesn't gain their attention, this one will.
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0 Busty Mouse Pads

Do you usually spend more than 4 hours a day with your computer..?
Ever feel tired, getting red-eye and your wrist feel like burning?

Well, if you tired get some rest dude and your red eyes will be better if you sleep. Please do not staring at your monitor all the time.

But, if you wrist hurt, it means you begin to attach with the Carpal Syndrome and believe me that's bad.
It's hurt
Usually, you can avoid that painful syndrome with a proper mouse pad, the Wrist Rest Mouse Pad. How can it be? oh, come on, just by looking at them you will now the different. The Wrist Rest Mouse Pad have a place for your wrist to rest while the ordinary lame mouse pad do not.
Ordinary Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
See..!! This Wrist Rest Mouse Pad is good, but it's looks like crap. Therefore, people from Guangzhou Supergo Plastics Manufacturing Limited give a little make-over.
And voila, the Busty Mouse Pad arrive.

Product size: 255*215*28MM
Material: Anti-slip PU base + gel wrist pillow + Lycra fabric on surface
Net weight: 320-330g
Printing: Full color sublimation
Packing: Individual poly bag & double blister
PCS/CTN: 10PCS pad into an inner box and 20PCS into an export carton
This mouse pad claimed " offers plenty of ergonomic support for your wrists, the gel cushion ensures excellent wrist support and easy use of the mouse, the antiskid surface makes your mouse slide smoothly and precisely"

How much it cost? Only $9.95 exclude the shipping fee. They only using Paypal as their online merchant. And the there is a 90-days guarantee, if you are unsatisfied with the product or if the mouse pad is defective they can replace your mouse pad or refund your money.

How about shipping?  They will ship anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail and anywhere else in the world via USPS Global Priority. Superb isn't?

So, do you want some?
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0 The Naughty Mouse

Behold human as this mighty mouse arrive. The one and only  G-Spot Mouse. With this mouse your computer will turn into super sexy orgasmatron device, imagine Optimus Prime with clitoris.
Hail Almight G-Spot
This naught mouse created by Andy Kurovets, industrial designer from Kiev Ukraine. He already created many fascinating gadget design including AIDS Ring, Fertilization Watch and this naught G-Spot mouse.

Not This One dude
Honestly, this mouse is named G-Point mouse, but widely known as G-Spot mouse. Obviously it's because the shape and mouse design which resemble woman most mysterious intimate organs.
Beside the red smooth womanizer shape, this mouse practically had nothing to offer, it's just another ordinary mouse. And just to make you sure, this mouse can not help you to find the real G-Spot.

The only thing you may find is the G-Point, which will help you to access your most favorite site.

I have not found any site whose selling this mouse.
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0 Jennifer Kurniawan And The Wedding Dress

Meet this sexy lady, Jennifer Kurniawan.

Age : 23
Ethnicity : South Asian
Gender : Female
Height : 165cm / 5´5”
Body measurement : 35-24-35
Her famous half-naked photo

She is half Indonesian and half Germany, her mother is germany and father Indonesia. She lives is Knittlingen, Germany but later spend most of her time in Indonesia with her brother Kim Jeffery, the first naturalized Indonesian football player and her boyfriends Irfan Bachdim, team mate of Kim in Persema Football Club.

She is is a professional model, mostly for paper ads and fashion show. Although she is still Germany citizen, Jennifer now more often appears in Indonesia national media, thanks to his boyfriend popularity.

Her latest show in Indonesia was Bidakara Wedding Expo, held in Bidakara Hotel,Jakarta,March 18 2011. At this show she designed to wear Kebaya, Indonesian traditional dress.
A couple day before the show, Jenniffer told that she was not know well about Kebaya and it will be her 1st time wearing them.

But somehow, even a bit uneasy when walking around the cat walk, Jenniffer admitted that she love that dress. Despite the dress weight, hair style  and the complexity, it's truly beautiful dress, she replied.

She even want to use Kebaya as her dress when she getting married with Irfan.
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0 Quit Drinking, Should I ?

Do you like to hang around the bar, cafe, night club, lounge, brewery or even side street alcohol shack just to spend your night and enjoy your beer, wine, vodka and cheap liquor?
If you say yes than you are already become alcohol addcit, you might say you are not or did not give a damn about it. But, just spare a few minutes of your time to raed it trough.

Usually people have their own reason for their action. It's not exactly the same reason for everybody but somehow it seems quite alike.

Alcohol is a mind-altering drug that affects our mood. We use it to celebrate, commiserate, to boost our confidence, to wind down.

We use it to overcome self-consciousness, give us 'Dutch courage' and help us loosen up in social gatherings.
The Gathering

Sometimes we use it to 'drown our sorrows'. In moderation, alcohol can, temporarily, make us feel better about ourselves but it is actually a depressant drug.

When we are feeling down, perhaps after a bereavement, relationship breakdown, disappointment, or if we are in physical pain, we might turn to alcohol for comfort. Most of us have done it but we soon find there's no solution in the bottom of an empty glass.

Ever heard that kind of reason? Ah, it does ring a bell right?

Now let's see what that do to you. That refers to Alcohol drink for sure.


      Alcohol is a fermented liquid that affects the blood stream. It is a depressant that slows the nervous system when it enters the body. Alcohol kills brain cells that do not regenerate quickly and has an adverse effect on the nervous system and liver. When you are drunk, you diminish your health and weaken your immune system. The next day you feel excruciating hung over.

Let’s say you stayed out partying with some friends. You danced, laughed, and downed a lot of alcohol. During that time, you were having so much fun.

The next day, however, is often a different story. Too much booze dehydrates a person, causing what many call the dreaded “hangover.” After a night of fun and binge drinking, you might have to deal with a day’s worth of head and body aches.

You are Gone

      When you are drunk you do not remember anything that happens. You may feel like you are having a great time but the next day it is as if you have lost moments of your life. And in a way you have. Being drunk is not being present. You are not aware and you are not truly available to those around you.

 Drunkenness is an escape from reality and a sacrifice of the present moment. It is not fair to those you spend time with and it is not fair to yourself. The moments of life are precious and go quickly. Spending your moments drunk is like flushing them down the drain.

Loss of Judgement

      Drunkenness impairs your better judgment. You behave in ways that you would not normally behave when you are under a strong influence of alcohol. Being drunk causes tempers to flare up and twist your thought process. Many fights break out between drunken people because their sense of judgment is askew.

You could say things you shouldn’t be saying. In a drunken stupor, you could hurl out all those obscenities you’ve been meaning to hurl at your boss. You could also confess your undying love to that 10-year-long crush of yours. True, some things need to be said, but having too much alcohol can make you slur your words.

Harming Yourself or Others

      You are most likely to hurt yourself and others when you are drunk. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "on average someone is killed in an alcohol-impaired driving crash every 45 minutes in the U.S." When you are drunk you lose control of your physical body are more susceptible to stumbling and falling down.
And do not forget, when you could do things you should not do, people could also do things to you.
Holy Lord, Here I Am

Disease and Death

      Excessive alcohol consumption and drunkenness can cause serious diseases and can actually kill you. According to CNN and the Mayo Clinic, excessive drunkenness can eventually cause higher probability of various cancers, heart disease, stroke, miscarriage, cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis and sudden death due to alcohol poisoning. It is also a major factor in depression which may lead to suicide.


Fact :
According to alcoholism statistics and alcohol abuse statistics, alcohol affects virtually every organ system in the body and, in high doses, can cause coma and death. It affects several neurotransmitter systems in the brain, including opiates, GABA, glutamate, serotonin, and dopamine. Increased opiate levels help explain the euphoric effect of alcohol, while its effects on GABA cause anxiolytic and sedative effects.

The harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths each year.

320 000 young people between the age of 15 and 29 die from alcohol-related causes, resulting in 9% of all deaths in that age group.

Worldwide consumption in 2005 was equal to 6.13 litres of pure alcohol consumed per person aged 15 years or older. A large portion of this consumption – 28.6% or 1.76 litres per person – was homemade, illegally produced or sold outside normal government controls.
It's done. Cheers!!
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0 Why They Get Naked

”It’s natural. There was a phase where women are respected and perpetuated to the beauty of her body,”

That is some nudist quote that i pick somewhere before. But apparently being naked and become nudist is slightly different.
Nude is as simple as without clothing or other covering of the skin. In other side, become a nudist is to belief in, or practice of going nude in social, nonsexualized and frequently mixed-gender groups specifically in cultures where going nude in the social situation is not the norm.
Therefore, we are not going to talk about nudist or nudism, is a plain theory of the Naked Hype.
Seriously, how many people have naked photos online?
And how many people have you seen naked, in tv, newspaper, magazine, books and internet?

Lets see the fact 1st :
According to The National  Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and was  conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (www.ssrs.com),  a division of International Communications Research.

How many teens say they have sent/posted nude or seminude pictures or video of themselves?
 20% of teens overall : 22% of teen girls  18% of teen boys  11% of young teen girls (ages 13-16)

How many young adults are sending or posting nude or seminude images of themselves?
 33% of young adults overall : 36% of young adult women  31% of young adult men
So, why do they get naked? There is many reason behind of that, but mostly is because they think  it's fun.

66 percent of teenage girls who admit to sending sexually suggestive content say they did it to fun or flirtatious, while 52 percent thought of it as being a sexy present for their boyfriend.
Some 40 percent just thought it was funny and 19 percent of teens in general see sending naked images as being no big deal.
Marisa Nightingale, Senior Advisor to the Entertainment Media Program at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy .

And what about the other reason..? Oh, it consist of many elements of life, lets check a few :

Money, the greatest and acceptable reason off all. Your price my body.
Danni Ashe, who commissioned the Roper survey, is the founder and CEO of Danni’s Hard Drive and the World’s Most Downloaded Woman held a survey Would pose nude on the Internet if the price was right ?
And the result is amazing, over 4 million American women under the age of 25 would pose nude on the Internet for $20.000.

Fame and Popularity, especially for celebrities, get naked become a cheap shortcut to gain back their popularity. You don't have to spend a penny, just throw away your clothes, get the camera and voila. You will become todays highlight.

Self-esteem, and somehow people is not quite confidence about their self, so they get their naked picture, observe it and mostly posted in the internet waiting for people comments.
A new survey, undertaken by a company called TRU which specialises in research on teens and twenty-somethings, and published by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and CosmoGirl.com reveals that 36 percent of teen girls have posted online, or electronically sent, nude or semi-nude images of themselves.

 Media Influence, who said that media can not drive you into sexual madness? And not every body can accept that most of the movie, tv series, and even reality show is basically fiction fantasy. It encourage them to being naked after seeing some movie character who can be their self with nude action. Setting such kind of the Good Nude mind set without the long term effect of their action.

Environmental Effect, like it or not your neighborhood also had a impact into our thought. When our social partner categorize naked as an accustomed behavior, then we will begin to agree and accept that. Would you want to be left alone in sanity when the rest of the world go crazy?

Intimate Pressure, it come from friends, lover, sexual partner even from some complete stranger. In the shape of sexy present, love evidence, self existence , friendly response, punishment and rewards and ultimately compression.

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