Manly Woman Contest

When the International Women's Day is celebrating its 100th anniversary - 100 years of fighting for the women's rights! There is a simple photoshop contest held, with only one purpose : turn any male celebrities into women.
Miss Stallone
Not only male actors and singer, but also including a few famous worldwide president.
Anthonia Hopkins

Arnold Swaroskvy

Benicia Del Toro

Brad Aniston Pitt

Elijah Wood

Marry Ghadaffi

Georgina Bush

Jet Lie

Jhon Travolty

Jude Law

Justinna Bieber

Keana Reves

Kim Jong Ill

Mellie Gibson

Hugh Jenneston

Orlando Bloom

Jenny Deep

Queen Jagger

Rebecca Pattinson

Steven Bustami


Pitt Again

Hughes Grant

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