Flashing Breast Boob Lights

I have seen many weird things around, but this one really catch my eye. Please welcome :
Boobs-Flashing Headlights
 Actually this is the combination of Boobs and Headlights, just like this one :
But somehow, this boobs plus headlight things seems to complex to wear, therefore The Boobs Flashing Headlight created. To fulfill your demand without the complexity.

A simple, yet very effective boobs accessory which will put a smile on every man's face!
This ultimate boobs gadget offers you :
    * Plastic nipple covers
    * Flashing LED light
    * Red and yellow light effects
    * Fits any chest size
 How to wear? It's easy, slip the plastic boob cups underneath your bra and turn the LED lights in a clockwise direction, perfect for surprising anyone looking in your general direction. Each flashing light is attached to a comfortable rounded cup, which you put on your boob under light coloured clothing. Suitable for men and women. The lights can be turned on and off by twisting the light.
Normal Effect
And the best thing is, no piercing needed. So you can have a blazing boobs without any silicone, medical examination, surgery or any painful method.
Expert User
How much it cost? Only  £2.50 and all guys  will be faced with a fabulous flashing pair of boobs. And if this doesn't gain their attention, this one will.


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