The Naughty Mouse

Behold human as this mighty mouse arrive. The one and only  G-Spot Mouse. With this mouse your computer will turn into super sexy orgasmatron device, imagine Optimus Prime with clitoris.
Hail Almight G-Spot
This naught mouse created by Andy Kurovets, industrial designer from Kiev Ukraine. He already created many fascinating gadget design including AIDS Ring, Fertilization Watch and this naught G-Spot mouse.

Not This One dude
Honestly, this mouse is named G-Point mouse, but widely known as G-Spot mouse. Obviously it's because the shape and mouse design which resemble woman most mysterious intimate organs.
Beside the red smooth womanizer shape, this mouse practically had nothing to offer, it's just another ordinary mouse. And just to make you sure, this mouse can not help you to find the real G-Spot.

The only thing you may find is the G-Point, which will help you to access your most favorite site.

I have not found any site whose selling this mouse.


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