Why They Get Naked

”It’s natural. There was a phase where women are respected and perpetuated to the beauty of her body,”

That is some nudist quote that i pick somewhere before. But apparently being naked and become nudist is slightly different.
Nude is as simple as without clothing or other covering of the skin. In other side, become a nudist is to belief in, or practice of going nude in social, nonsexualized and frequently mixed-gender groups specifically in cultures where going nude in the social situation is not the norm.
Therefore, we are not going to talk about nudist or nudism, is a plain theory of the Naked Hype.
Seriously, how many people have naked photos online?
And how many people have you seen naked, in tv, newspaper, magazine, books and internet?

Lets see the fact 1st :
According to The National  Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and was  conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (www.ssrs.com),  a division of International Communications Research.

How many teens say they have sent/posted nude or seminude pictures or video of themselves?
 20% of teens overall : 22% of teen girls  18% of teen boys  11% of young teen girls (ages 13-16)

How many young adults are sending or posting nude or seminude images of themselves?
 33% of young adults overall : 36% of young adult women  31% of young adult men
So, why do they get naked? There is many reason behind of that, but mostly is because they think  it's fun.

66 percent of teenage girls who admit to sending sexually suggestive content say they did it to fun or flirtatious, while 52 percent thought of it as being a sexy present for their boyfriend.
Some 40 percent just thought it was funny and 19 percent of teens in general see sending naked images as being no big deal.
Marisa Nightingale, Senior Advisor to the Entertainment Media Program at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy .

And what about the other reason..? Oh, it consist of many elements of life, lets check a few :

Money, the greatest and acceptable reason off all. Your price my body.
Danni Ashe, who commissioned the Roper survey, is the founder and CEO of Danni’s Hard Drive and the World’s Most Downloaded Woman held a survey Would pose nude on the Internet if the price was right ?
And the result is amazing, over 4 million American women under the age of 25 would pose nude on the Internet for $20.000.

Fame and Popularity, especially for celebrities, get naked become a cheap shortcut to gain back their popularity. You don't have to spend a penny, just throw away your clothes, get the camera and voila. You will become todays highlight.

Self-esteem, and somehow people is not quite confidence about their self, so they get their naked picture, observe it and mostly posted in the internet waiting for people comments.
A new survey, undertaken by a company called TRU which specialises in research on teens and twenty-somethings, and published by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and CosmoGirl.com reveals that 36 percent of teen girls have posted online, or electronically sent, nude or semi-nude images of themselves.

 Media Influence, who said that media can not drive you into sexual madness? And not every body can accept that most of the movie, tv series, and even reality show is basically fiction fantasy. It encourage them to being naked after seeing some movie character who can be their self with nude action. Setting such kind of the Good Nude mind set without the long term effect of their action.

Environmental Effect, like it or not your neighborhood also had a impact into our thought. When our social partner categorize naked as an accustomed behavior, then we will begin to agree and accept that. Would you want to be left alone in sanity when the rest of the world go crazy?

Intimate Pressure, it come from friends, lover, sexual partner even from some complete stranger. In the shape of sexy present, love evidence, self existence , friendly response, punishment and rewards and ultimately compression.


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