While young people today competing to make the gathering, organization, club, gang or group with a base that can be said to be healthy. Apparently there has been a legendary club that has stood ince 1700, not a motorcycle club or school. But a bevy of nasty, narcissistic and ill, The Masturbation Club: The Beggar's Benison.
The origin of the founding of this association is of an event of the Scottish aristocracy of men who held to celebrate sesnsualitas men.
The club was founded in 1739, founded by: William Ayton, Charles Wightman, Thomas Oliphant, John Couper, Alexander Miles, Sir Thomas Erskine, Bart., Robert Cleland, David Anstruther, Robert Pringle, Alexander Melville, David Leslie, Thomas Nairn, Robert Waddell, Philip Paton, William Leslie Anstruther, Robert Hunter, Sir Charles Erskine * Bart., John McNaughton, David Aitkenhead, David Row, and James Grahame.

The founders did not have a nobleman, but must have an influence in her social, many large merchants, shipbuilders, judges, tax collectors, doctors, and wealthy farmers. Some of them are relatives of members of the work, the military and even churches.
The leader of this association given the title of Sovereign Guardiart of the most Ancient and Puissant Order of the Beggar's Benison, who was in charge of meetings and meetings and is responsible for granting awards and medals.Person number two is called the Remembrancer or Deputy Sovereign, whose task was to replace the chairman in office if unable to attend.The third highest position is Ahd Denominated Recorder, which served to determine the laws and regulations.

The purpose of this association is purely for fun.

In order to join this association, must pay £ 3 for an annual fee and £ 1 for a medal and a headdress made of gold.Not only that, prospective members must follow the test once in a lifetime celebration day held at St.Andrews in Anstruther.
Prospective members are required to put their genitals in a state of erection on a Silver Plate, then the members who have bare-round will touch their genitals genitals prospective members.After that, prospective members will attached society with medals and insignia proof that they have become members of the assembly.
This society has a sacred we named Facctice Bibliothcca, totaling 29 pages and has 2 keys, PBBA, "Parent Beggar's Benisoft, Anstruther, and" BBBE, Branch Beggar's Benison, Edinburgh. Keyhole of the holy book is rumored to have the form of female genitalia.

They blamed the inability of infertility in men, not women, because men are "active agent" reproduction. The members of this association is also very careful in determining pregnancy, not for noble reasons, simply because they do not want troubled by the presence of a child who is believed to restrict / bind them of freedom and pleasure.

Sometimes some people classify this group as a homoerotic fantasy club but all heterosexual, and condemn sodomy. Its members are more frequent drinking, reading pornography, telling jokes and anecdotes, recite poetry and sing songs about sex and the occasional love song.
These associations often hire a young girls who asked to dance naked, but with the rules without touching, without speaking. Usually they only masturbate together.

This society also enjoy writing, composing poetry, essays and play the puzzle, but usually a dirty riddle.

Why is a gun like a woman ?—Because it
has an apron over the touch-hole.
What kind of jointures do women like the
best ?—Body to body

After  giving  a moment of enlightenment about sex. This club then gets a bad reputation, so they look more secret locations from London. This society chose a fishing village in Scotland, where they meet twice a year.



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