How To Recognizing Fake Girls On The Internet

I believe  most of you definitely have a Facebook account, Twitter, Myspace, Tagged, Hi5, and other social network account. Social network does offer benefits, ranging from the meet old friends, business, chit-chat with a stranger, and  hunting  place for  a beautiful, sexy and rich girl. 

But, most of you must be  meet a fake one,   a girls who fakes her photo by adding another hot sexy girls photo to her account, and the worst, a man who pretend to be a girl.

Usually, the girl who was not confident with her appearance, or the guy who pretend to be  girls have many reason. Let's me explain a few : 

- Because they feel more entertained becoming girl , this is the simplest reason, just to have some fun.

 - Wants to spy on someone, from a girlfriend, friends, relatives, wife even their enemy.

 - Want to look famous, have 5000 friends or followers, mentioned  in the comments,  get her post liked by people in his friend list. 

 - Launched a fraud action, most people believe  believes a seller Girls more than  the seller Seller guy. Especially the hot one. 

- Not have to much attention  by their real friend's , so they decide  to create a false account that will be used to boost their popularity. 

- There also because their relationship status:  In a Relationship, Engaged or Married, which makes them losing their freedom, can not play around anymore with a bunch of hot chicks , usually this used by a playboy type. 

- And another, for sexual disorders (Gay), making it easier to find same-sex couples.


How do I recognize the this perverted.? 
- Observe his account name, a guy tends to name their characters with a cool name / celebrity name , a girl from the game and sometimes the names that made no sense.  

Example: Grimoire Martgaredta Desdemona, Shizuka Yukihime Barbiechan-sa, 'sashi' Yuuhi Sweetydoll, Gie-Niew Chynk Ajjah-, etc.. 

- Note the photo album, the more his picture collection, the more likely she was the original girl. Do not forget, pay attention to the photographs that exist, ranging from face, body, hair, style to the existing wrinkles.


- Most of the photos in Fake girls account  is out of sync, because it is a composite photo of a few girls who looks the same. Real girls definitely have a lot of photos, not only their beautiful sexy hot looks photos but  also the stupid, weird and ugly picture, and also a picture with her friends and  family .

- For professional Fake Girls, it takes effort even harder, pay attention to tags and comments from his friends on the photos. Comments on the original accounts are usually fun, warmth  and feels familiar. 

- Tagged photos are also very helpful in identifying, the more photos in the Tag, then the more likely it is the Real girl. 

- Check the Info their profile , sometimes this Fake girls  forgot to change the gender / sex when they created that fake account. 

- Note also the status post, comments,  tweets and even their retweet , sometimes Fake girls  unconsciously write things that indicate if she  is a fake. 

- Sometimes friend of them  without consciously dismantle the unmasked with comments or post a solid wall. 

- For those who have intense contact with the women 'status uncertain purity, is expected to ask for a photo or video that can be asserted that she was the original. For example: ask for photos of the girls posing Ultraman, Sinchan or Bobo.  

Or you can also ask for photos with  identification nearby. 

- Do not forget to check out the girl friends, because it could be the Fake girls  makes a lot of fake accounts as  her friends and family. Usually this supported account recently made and their activity is only to back up the main fake account.


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