Natalie Rooney : Naughty Cousin Of Wayne Rooney

WHEN Coleen Rooney celebrates his 21-class A sumptuous feast, there is one name that attracted almost as much publicity as her own birthday. 

After a long night of celebration, Natalie Rooney, cousin of Wayne, baring her breasts to the paparazzi waiting and a tabloid star overnight.
Now after three years ago, 20-year-old Natalie back in the spotlight.
Only this time, Natalie confirms this is not about publicity or her modeling career. "This is just for me," he said.

He will play in a C4 documentary film, The Ugly Face of Beauty, which focused on the booming cosmetic surgery industry.
The camera follows Natalie as she experienced a second breast surgery, surgical results improved from 32g to 30j, according to doctors who are planting the largest breast implant that can be done to humans. 

However, by the surgeons Mills & Mills in Marbella, Spain, he admitted that the medical officer tried to speak out like a big improvement. 

"But it's my body and I really would like them even bigger," he smiled. "Now if I want it, I should have it." 

Natalie - whose father is the uncle of John Wayne - has undergone his first surgery at age 17, exactly 3 years before the events of the famous show off his chest.

"It was actually a birthday present to-18 from the mother and father, but I got it three months early so they must sign a consent form for me," he said. "They say as long as it makes me happy then they are happy for me, so I flew to Spain to change the size of 32c to 32g.

"This is something I always wanted, from a little girl, and I have been researching the clinic on the internet since I was 14. At St. John Bosco, when teachers used to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up I would always say ' I want to be in Halam Third '! " 

Natalie, who lives in Croxteth, not enough to reach the goal after exposure glamorous party girl Coleen, but he was featured in a succession of youth magazine spreads.



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