Breast Play : The Right Way to Sensual Breast

Before you find the right way to touch her breast, the first thing you have to understand, that there is a different type of breast. Breasts are like snowflakes. Every one is unique. Know the right moves, though, and you'll have her melting in your arms.

Large Breasts

In a study conducted at the University of Vienna, researchers found that large breasts were about 24 percent less sensitive than small ones. "This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched," says Alan Matarasso, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City. Stimulate the outer sides of her breast, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips. Make flipping motions with your tongue and even experiment with light nibbling.

Small Breasts

They're sensitive, but they can handle more motion because of their size. Use your palms to cup and gently bounce her breasts during sex.

Droopy Breasts

Droopy breasts can be the least sensitive--not only are the nerves stretched, but they're compressed by the breasts' weight. Have her lie on her back; it'll cause her breasts to shift up and out, relieving the tension on the nerves and helping her focus on the pleasure.
Surgically Enhanced Breasts
If done properly, implants won't interfere with sensation. But they will move differently. Concentrate on the surface of her breasts. Use your tongue to make circles that gradually spiral in toward the nipples.

New-Mom Breasts

Her nipples will be tender, so focus on the breasts' undersides, which are frequently neglected. Gently cup and support her breasts. It'll feel nice to her after a long day of suckling.


These handy barometers of desire are simple to read: Up is "on," down is "off." But they're also thermometers, popping up when the weather's cold, like giant goose bumps. The nipples are important -- in fact, for some women, you can induce an orgasm just by doing breast duty. But the sensitivity of nipples varies widely; handle with care.
Breast Massage
Most women love having their breasts massaged, rubbed and adored and most men enjoy providing this pleasure to them.

Using a lubricant on the breasts will soften the giver’s hands and avoid the discomfort of rough hands. Massage oils are perfect as they warm the flesh and provide a smooth gliding massage.

To massage the breasts first apply massage oil to your hands and rub them together making sure they are well lubricated. Then apply additional oil to the breasts, right above the nipple. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of oil. Any massage benefits from an abundance of lubricant. You may wish to lay a towel beneath the receiver to absorb any excess drips.  Using both hands on both breasts, begin by working the oil up and away from the nipples making circular motions around each breast. Work first in clockwise motions and then reverse.  Breast tissue is soft and delicate so be gentle. Continue this process, kneading gently and rubbing the breasts always moving up and away from gravity. Watch the receiver’s face for clues of enjoyment or displeasure. Follow their lead at all times.

A breast massage can include massaging the arms and the abdomen as well. When the receiver is relaxed and feeling the fullness of the pleasure of the massage gently involve  the nipple area as well. First trace the areola lightly then making circular motions. Then take the nipples gently between you’re your thumb and forefingers and roll them between your fingers. You may pull them gently away from the body but never use forceful, rough movements.


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